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Please keep in mind that Designer Silk Saree may be slight variations in the color of the item you receive as compared to the product picture on the website. While the Designer Silk Saree actual color depends on fabric dyes and the weather, the colors seen on the monitor will change according to the light, camera and settings. Hence, the Designer Silk Saree slight difference.


Design may have slight variation.

Beads & Sequins:

While our crafts persons and tailors create every attire with the utmost diligence, the ones with beads and sequins are always the most daunting. Beads and sequins have a tendency to fall off the fabric, even with the best of handling. Losing a few beads or sequins does not affect the overall look of the attire, and cannot be noticed even under scrutiny. So don’t worry and shine away!

The Essence of the Saree

A saree is a long piece of fabric, typically measuring between 5 to 9 yards, that is draped around the body in various styles. It consists of three main components:

    1. The Saree: The draped fabric itself, which can be made from a variety of materials including silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, and more.
    2. The Blouse: A tailored top that complements the saree. It can be simple or heavily embellished, depending on the occasion.
    3. The Petticoat: A skirt worn underneath the saree to provide structure and support for the draping.


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Designer Saree With Stitched Blouse
Designer Saree With Stitched Blouse 600226
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